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In case of early leave we charge 50% of the daily price for the remaining booked days.

The hotel does not take any responsibility for the things the customers bring with themselves. Moreover, the hotel does not take any responsibility for the vehicle parked on the hotel parking lot nor for the things stored in or on the vehicle.

We reserve the right and you authorize us to debit your credit or charge card for any damage that was incurred in your room or hotel during your stay; or for any items that are missing after you leave.

Throughout the year and at different times there can be organized weddings, events and parties in some of our hotels that could disturb your rest. Please inform yourself accordingly before booking accommodation in the hotel.

On leaving the hotel the guest pays the costs of the telephone for the room they have been staying in.

On leaving the hotel the guest must return all the items (keys, remote controls, etc.) he or she obtained when arriving to the hotel or hotel room.

The person booking the room is obliged to provide accurate and correct personal data.

Check-in is after 2 pm.

Check-out is until 11 am.

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You can remove the e-newsletter (notifications) service with a written request for signing off.

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The statement on limitation of liability applies for all e-mail messages of the domain:
This e-mail message and all the attachments may contain confidential and/or privileged information and are the property of SASTELA d.o.o. and are intended for sole use by the recipient. If you received the message by mistake, you are asked to notify the sender about this and immediately delete the message. Any unauthorised disclosure, distribution or copying of the message contents is strictly forbidden. The views included in this e-mail message do not necessarily reflect the viewpoint of SASTELA d.o.o.


Special conditions may apply for individual products or packages.